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3.20 Ounces


The days of hot, cozy tea sipping may be slipping away, but that never stops us from indulging in herbal tea goodness, especially when the sun is our best ingredient during the spring and summer! When it comes to sun infused teas the longer you let the sun work it’s magic on your herbal infused goodness, the more full and flavorful the result. It’s literally like you’re drinking in a joyful part of your spring day. Magic. Dandelion Kitchen's Sunshine Tea has an amazing flavor thanks to orange peel, peppermint, rose hips, hibiscus flowers, and pink rose petals.

Just pick a bright sunny day, a patch of warm grass, and let the sun work its wonders on our Sunshine Tea!


Ingredients:  *orange peel  *peppermint, *rose hip, *rose petals, *hibiscus flowers